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Calories Counter Articles

Reader Tip

From Josh Leuner of Kelvin Grove, Queensland, comes this handy tip for calculating how far you've walked and how many calories you've used."If you have ever wondered how many calories you've burned walking to the shops or exercising the dog, here's how to find out. See the Gmaps Pedometer more

You Are What You Eat If It's Supersize Junk

``Supersize [verb]: to make bigger, to become bigger: [vn] Would you like to supersize that combo, sir? We are being supersized into obesity by the fast food industry (= made to become fatter). [v] TV commercials are encouraging kids to supersize." - Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary ONE year more

Enough Said - It's Cheese

A supercharged health package comes with each bite but there are a few drawbacks for some, as CATHERINE SAXELBY reports. Cheese. With more than 200 varieties to choose from, it's hard to resist. Just walk into any good deli and look over the offerings at the cheese counter. more

Our Loss, Thier Gain

I CAN'T remember her name, but she had one of those faces I was sure I'd seen behind a sales counter somewhere. We smiled at each other as she looked me up and down. ``Where did you hear about us ... did you see Bert Newton this morning?" ``Who? more

Successfully Counting The Cost Of Every Morsel

An irrational fear of fat leads people to dangerous dieting, warns Australia's king of the `Calorie Counter'. WHAT DO Australian women fear more than anything else? According to the Perth-based dietitian and author of the best-selling `Pocket Calorie Counter', Mr Allan Borushek, it's fat. ``Th